Hi, I am Meghan Martinez. I like to put a face with a name, so here’s a picture of me hanging out (with a professional photographer) in Rosemary Beach. 


I grew up in Germantown, TN and have been vacationing on the Emerald Coast my whole life. I attended Arizona State University and my career kept me in the Phoenix area for twenty years. My husband and I had an annual tradition of spending our anniversary in Seagrove. Like most people who are lucky enough to visit 30A, we looked forward to the trip all year.

One night in 2015, while we were watching the sun go down over the Gulf, we mused the idea of moving to the beach. At the time my husband was growing tired of his corporate job with long hours and constant travel. I was running a real estate company while also working on a real estate related startup for wireless lock technology I had created. We were EXHAUSTED. And more importantly, we were just going through life… we weren’t living. When we got back to Phoneix, we made the best and most radical decision of our lives. We sold everything and traded in corporate life for beach life.

We bought our home in Seagrove and moved here full time in 2016. We poured our collective experience into a small development company and completed our first fix and flip. Two years later my husband took the lead on the development side so I could get back to doing what I love.  Helping clients. 

In August of 2018, I jumped at the opportunity to join Hilary & Reverie, a full-service brokerage firm redefining the way the real estate industry is handled here on the Emerald Coast. The word “reverie” means to become pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts or to daydream. Hilary & Reverie seeks to bring that feeling to the experience of helping people find the perfect home or getaway.  It was a perfect fit. 

I love this area and am honored to have the opportunity to help you find your piece of the 30A dream. Whether you need a recommendation for the best grouper sandwich or want to know which of the unique 30A communities best fits your lifestyle, I am here to help. All you have to say is, “Meghan, Can you help me find my dream home at the Beach, Please?”